More rumours of a smaller iPad

MacRumors have more rumours of a new smaller iPad coming by Christmas, but why?


  1. It sorta kinda makes sense, since the iPod touch has become a weirdly redundant device. For not being a phone and not needing to conform to such a small form-factor, it seems like anyone in the market for an iOS device that's not a phone would just naturally go for the pad. Having an “in-between” pad option – almost an “iPod Touch XL” moreso than an “iPad Mini” – seems like the obvious choice, especially since it'll come in at about the price that the first-gen iPod Touch was.

    The real question for us nerds, though, is when the BIGGER “iPad XL” is coming. 🙂

  2. No, the real question us nerds are asking is “WTF are Apple doing?

    Too many products and not all them up to scratch…diversity is the first path of business getting out of hand (it's getting like MacD's (burgers vs salad)

    It's only a matter of time before OSX ends up on an iPad/clone (..I have just installed it on 2 completely different computers (ok with varying results but hey..! a Mac for less than 1/2 price anyone?)

    …and to Rod who thinks that the iPod touch is “weirdly redunant”…have a word with yourself!

    It's superb entry-level kit without having the whole bollocks of having a 'phone' attached to an excellent portable/games console/eReader/web browser/multi-media player/kid pacifier

    One price and no monthly recurring costs and can pick one up second hand for about £70!!!

    And if what I read and hear is vaguely truthful, voice is badly losing over data in the transmission stakes; there was recently a great article on CNET about how *socially* the US has changed with respect to attitudes toward using devices, preferring to microblog instead of having to say the same bullshifters more than once

    And, (this is the final 'and'), IMHO, Apple AND (bugger!) M$ are eventually just gonna be software license providers. I've got lots of different OSs running on all kinds of crap (sad but fun and cheap). How easy it is to jailbreak a device and why the hell wouldn't you? (and I'm not talking about running pirated software)

    It will not take long for an iPad to be bodged together in China considering the details that leaked from the actual manufacturers for the iPad and now 'iPad Lite'!

    A simply 'eBay' will provide iPad-a-likes running Android for a 1/4 of the cost. Personally, I like the whole iApp thing but if I want to spend money on a portable games console/eReader etc…£699 or £150?

    AppStore is a license to print money and securing that would be my first port of call

    (..phew..rant over)

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