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Mixtikl on the iPad

I was using Mixtikl last week on my iPad and enjoying the new control over randomised mixes, which, if you don’t know Mixtikl doesn’t sound like it makes any sense at all, but believe me, it does make sense, a lot of sense, and the new control you can now achieve over random patterns is excellent.

When Mixtikl first came to the iPhone it was great to have it there. Now it is a universal app I like it even more on the iPad.

I’ve been using Mixtikl for a long time now, since version one, and watching it grow, and move platforms too has been great. I love the idea of generative music, and I like the way it works in Mixtikl.

I think that Mixtikl will continue to go from strength to strength and continue to be great mobile, desktop and cross platform creative tool.


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RJDJ Moovz Beat Machines

Check it out at their blog.



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iSequence for iPad Promo Code Give Away

Another promo code give away today for the excellent iSequence for iPad. I have 5 codes for the app to give away if you can answer this question:

“Name one feature that was added in the last release of iSequence for iPad?”

Please send your answers to palmsounds.comp@me.com by 8pm GMT tomorrow 19th of August. Please remember that promo codes can only be used in the US version of the app store.



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Scratch Mode coming to Curtis on the iPad

More Curtis goodness for your iPad coming soon.


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Rebirth on iPad

I haven’t played around with Rebirth for a while now and I haven’t got it on my iPad, but this is starting to make me think that I should try it out there.


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The Daily eBay

Just a few things on eBay today, starting with a monotron.

An SU10.

And another SU10.

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Xenon tutorial "How to tie notes between following pattern"


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Video with music arranged using Looptastic HD


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Audioforge and Reforge update coming

Audioforge and reforge are getting an update soon. Both will have zoom in waveform.