Kindle and iPad Displays under the Microscope

I was really surprised to read this and see how the Kindle did compared against the iPad. Of course this doesn’t help me craving for a Kindle in any way!


  1. On the left, Kindle, really really sharp.
    On the right, ipad, really pixelated.

    The Kindle is an e-ink ebook reader. E-Ink is much more like ink and paper than any LCD screens out there (even way better than the “retina display”), you can also read in direct sunlight with no squinting at all. But its not as fast as LCD's (yet), so its only good for reading books or displaying static images.

    I wouldn't want one for apps and videos, but reading on the ipad for too long burns my eyes (just like any LCD monitors), but this is bound to change with technological advancements.

    Look at PixelQI, they make a e-ink/LCD dual mode screen. I feel we'll hear a lot more about them (or similar technologies) in the future.


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