Chromatone Lite for iPad

Thanks to Wayne for pointing out this app to me. It sounds interesting and is free! Here’s the description:

Based on epoch-making next generation method “MUTO Music”, the instrument Chromatone is created and now ready for releasing only on iPad.

On the original research and development of MUTO Music Method (Chromatic system)

As many people quit playing music because they feel hard of playing black key like ♯ and ♭, the music, which primarily comes out from the feeling and performed for enjoyment should be questioned that why we have to give it up just because of a little complexity.

No more for now! The instrument regarding to the primary meaning of music has become realized!
With easily get familiar with keyboard, Chromatone.
Its secret is hidden behind original development, “MUTO Music Method (Chromatic System)”, by tokyo yusyo.

This method use musical score (3 scores) which no need for ♯ and♭, also Chromatone which no need for distinguish between black key and white key.

Giving an example, Piano (all scale arrangement) and 5 scores is functioned as “unmovable do” with C major, while “Chromatone (Chromatic arrangement)” and “3 scores” is functioned as entirely “movable do” which has no limitation on keys.

In the case of method using in Piano and 5 scores, to show other keys, we have to increase symbols like ♯ or ♭, and make use of black key, then show all 12 keys in the different way.

The result is there will be a difference showing up such as “easy key vs. hard key”, “like key vs. dislike key”, “fluent key vs. influent key”.

According to the old method, there will be an obstacle under the evolution of modern music, along with the limit to musical expression.
On the other hand, MUTO Music Method (Chromatic system), which use Chromatone and 3 scores, let us eliminate unimportant symbols like ♯ or♭ and exclude the distinguishment between black key and white key, so we can deal with all 12 keys easier.

The result is all 12 keys of finger-lead and form like cord and scale is identified, so the quantity of practicing will decrease to 1/12.
You can perform and memorize the theory 12 times speedy up than before.
No need to be stuck with the keys. You can free you musical expression as you like.

Wherever easily play instrument, Chromatone for iPad. You may create new melody which never had before. So let’s begin to the new world of music!!



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