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PianoStudio now with AudioCopy

Excellent news from Frontier Design. PianoStudio now has AudioCopy added in. I really think I need to do another round up of apps supporting audiocopy and general pasteboard.


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iSequence / StudioTrack + Flute

A great little video showing how to use iSequence and StudioTrack from our friends MusicApps.


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KP3 / iElectribe / Kaossilator

I liked the way this track was put together. Nice build up of sounds and layers.


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Still Enjoying Noise IO Pro

During last week I spent a bit of time with some apps I haven’t used in ages, one of which was Noise IO Pro Synth.

I’d forgotten how good this app is and how great the sounds are. I used it on my iPad for the first time, and it really did well there and I enjoyed using it on my iPad a lot more than on my iPhone.

I know that some people haven’t gotten on well with Noise IO’s interface, but on the iPad it seemed much easier to get on with than on the iPhone. I know that this is mainly down to the screen size, but it also felt far more usable on the iPad.

I’m looking forward to when Amidio bring out the next version of Noise IO. I’m hoping it’ll be universal as well.


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Amazing what you can do with an iPhone

http://player.soundcloud.com/player.swf?url=http%3A%2F%2Fsoundcloud.com%2Fjbrave%2Fthree-eat-wav&secret_url=false Three Eat by jbrave

Recorded using MultiTrack DAW with a Blue Mikey.

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iExterminate Promo Code Give Away

iExterminate is a great little ring modulator / voice changer from Kipper Tie Software, and they’ve given me 5 promo codes to give away for it.

To get a code all you need to do is to answer this question.

“What famous nemesis of Dr Who can you make yourself sound like with iExterminate?”

Send your answer to palmsounds.comp@me.com by 6pm GMT Tuesday 17th.


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NanoStudio Hip Hop


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Raw Hedroom (Trapez) experimenting with Griid


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Symphony pro beta news

Looks like the final release of Symphony Pro for the iPad is getting closer. The developer’s blog says that version 0.2 is nearly ready and will be the last one before the final version is released.


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Mutable Instruments Summer Update

An update from Mutable Instruments and at the end of the post a hint to a couple of interesting projects.