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The Daily eBay

Catching up on eBay stuff, there’s lots of stuff worth taking a look at. To start with a Zoom PS-02.

There’s plenty of Monotrons on eBay at the moment. Here’s one Monotron that is reasonably cheap, and here’s another Monotron a bit cheaper.

A copy of Electroplankton.

A fairly rare Yamaha QY8.

A GBA Pocket Music Cart.

A very expensive and green Circuit bent VL-1, going for £140!

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Vote for Retronyms talks at SXSW

Retronyms want you to vote for their SXSW talks.

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Free version of ‘A Noise Machine’

Now there’s a third version of A Noise Machine. The new free version is iAd supported, so I’m tempted to download it to see what it is like for myself as I’ve never seen any of these iAds as yet.


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MySpace fighting back?

I know we had a fairly good discussion about MySpace a little while ago, but now, MySpace have launched a new home page according to Mashable.

So, will it make a difference?

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Xenon Promo Codes gone out

Meant to say, I have sent out all the promo codes to those who won them in the Xenon code competition.

Thanks to everyone who entered. Another promo code competition coming soon.


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Been away, back now

I’ve been away this week and whilst I’ve tried to post the most important things that have happened this week, but there’s lots of other stuff to catch up on too.

More soon!