Xenon is here + Promo Code Give Away

Xenon from IceGear has arrived, and I’m really looking forward to trying this one out. Also, I’ve got 10 promo codes to give away for this great new synth studio thanks to IceGear.

Usual rules apply for the promo code give away. To enter just answer this question:

“What’s the name of the rhythm machine included in Xenon?”

Email your answer to palmsound.comp@me.com by 6pm GMT tomorrow Wednesday 11th of August. Promo codes are likely to go out Thursday.

Please remember that promo codes only work in the US version of the iTunes store.

If you want to know more about the app then click below for the app store description.



  1. Managed to download this in a coffee shop before heading home on a three and a half hour train journey. Have played around most of the way and jotted down some rough thoughts below.

    Xenon feels to me like the App that Akai's Synthstation should have been, and one I might have been really impresed with if I hadn't already seen Nanostudio. In fact it is testament to just how good Nano is that an App like this appears slightly lacklustre!

    The App sounds all right to me and has a flexible range of synth options and a combination of mono and poly synths assigned to specific tracks. It's largely on the little things that it falls down.

    Audio copy is supported at pattern song and loop level, and recognises track mute so it's easy to export all tracks separately, but audio paste into the drum pads is not supported and there is no resampling (an opportunity missed!)

    The sequencer is pattern based and allows real time recording but each pattern is limited to 1 bar long which is a pain. There is also no automation beyond velocity.

    Ergonomics are not bad with double tapping to reset synth controls but navigation to specific synth parts in specific paterns can feel a bit long winded. Also the patterns are just numbers on the song editor so no piano roll to recognise them by until you enter patern edit.

    There is a decent drum library but no audio paste or content created in other Apps and I don't even think file transfer of samples is supported.

    The delay unit is good but it's the only effect in the rack! The simple mixer can control send for each synth but it's all drum sounds or none!

    I can see me using this to produce synced multi-track parts for multitrack DAW etc or to create synth sounds in areas where Xenon is strong and paste the audio into another App. The lack of audio paste however stops it being used to work up some additional tracks on top of a sub mix of content produced elsewhere and the short pattern length and lack of automation would put me off doing anything too complicated.

    It's beaten Nanostudio to Audio copy and has a nice range of sound creation options but at the moment it looks to me more like a supporting App rather than a primary workspace. It wouldn't take much however to put it right up there and the price seems good for the facilities.

    I'm begining to think we're being spoiled by the rate that new Apps are appearing a by the functionality that they now offer. (I need to keep remembering that this is actually a phone….)

    Just some thoughts from a few hour on a train so feel free to point out any errors.

  2. I think the correct answer is the PRX-6 Rhythm Machine but I'm not sure where to answer because the link took me to the Itunes page for the app.

  3. Thanks for the correction, r ob, and to Skipp for their insights. Rather a pity it's not Universal, as that by itself would help provide a differentiation between itself and the impressive NanoStudio.

  4. More Bullshit added to the app store. Oh i'll duplicate my app, add more features and charge another 5.99.


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