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ReelDirector update

ReelDirector has been updated. Here’s what’s new:

  • Import music from iPod music library (iOS 4 only)
  • Support iPhone 4 retina display
  • Upload to YouTube within app
  • Improved HD video quality on iPhone 4
  • Improved photo render quality


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CDM on Daniel James’ “Crafting Digital Media”

CDM has a really good post on a couple of books that sound like they’re both well worth reading.


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Loopfools Beta Synth Toying around

Very nice looking iPad app in the pipeline, via Matrixsynth.

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More Teenage Engineering Videos

2 comments on “Levenger Nantucket Lapreader”

Levenger Nantucket Lapreader

Found this at the Gadgeteer and I knew it would be of interest to a few people.

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Sonic Wire Sculptor coming to the iPad

CreativeApplications talks about the new Sonic Wire Sculptor for iPad, which sounds like it will be even more fun that the iPhone version.


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Maple beats Arduino for real time audio

Make has this piece on using the Maple board for real time audio. Interesting stuff.

5 comments on “Akai SynthStation outlook getting worse”

Akai SynthStation outlook getting worse

My sort of weekly look at where we are with the (incredibly) long awaited SynthStation 25 from Akai.

DolphinMusic in the UK still has the Akai SynthStation listed as being available within 7-10 days. The price quoteed is £79.99, so no change on that part at least.

Musician’s Friend in the US still has the Akai SynthStation25 listed as available from the 28th of September now! They have it priced at $99.

And lastly Music123 also have the Akai SynthStation25 as available from the 28th of September at $99.

So, looks like the the SynthStation is doing nothing but go backwards at the moment. Personally I am seriously beginning to doubt that this thing will ever see the light of day now.

At least they did manage to get the SynthStation app out although no one seems to have thought that highly of it and in many ways it has been surpassed by NanoStudio.

If you know more, or have had one delivered! Please let me know.

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Apple’s Covent Garden Store opens today

So take a look around!

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Home of the DS10 on the NDS Adapter

Home of the DS10 writes about the NDS Adapter Plus stick.