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Another Jordan Rudess NanoStudio video


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Curtis for iPad Video


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New version of PianoStudio is on the way

Frontier Design (makes of iShred and iShred Live) have submitted a new version of their excellent PianoStudio app which includes AudioCopy!


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Morphwiz update

Morphwiz gets an update today. Here’s what’s new:

  • added VoiceOver labels to all controls
  • updated graphics rendering to improve performance
  • updated pitch handling code to improve performance and eliminate glitches
  • updated preset extraction to prevent timeout problems
  • updated note labels for better visibility on white background


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Groovemaker Chris Domingo House

A new iPhone and iPad version of Groovemaker arrives. With GrooveMaker Chris Domingo House, you’ll have your choice of killer percussion, dreamy or dark atmospheric pads and chords, techy house drum beats and FX, monstrous kicks, and bouncy melodic lead lines that blend perfectly.

Chris Domingo is a veteran of the progressive house music movement, hailing originally from San Francisco, CA, USA, but truly making a name for himself in the Florida underground house and breakbeat club scene in the late ‘90s’. Popular house and breakbeat hits from his diverse catalogue include: “The Journey”, “Sonic Psyche”, “Cut it up” and “Right Here, Right Now”. As a DJ, music producer and mastering engineer, Chris Domingo’s influence can be heard on several popular record labels over the last 20 years, some of which include: Platypus, Limbo, Global Trance Network, Loaded and Fluid. Chris Domingo’s remix, original compositions and mastering work may also be found on mainstream labels like Sony, Warner Brothers, Maverick, and Black Hole.

GrooveMaker Chris Domingo House features:

  • Instantaneous control over 8 stereo loop tracks
  • Play, Mix and Randomize loops on the fly
  • Combine studio-quality loops to produce a million possible grooves
  • Manipulate loops in real time (pan, volume, mute, solo, group, tempo)
  • Arrange grooves easily with drag and drop to create full-length tracks
  • Save, preview and recall you mixed tracks
  • Upload your tracks as hi-quality WAV file to your Mac/PC (Wi-Fi network required)
  • Interactive Help allows quick learning simply following the indicated steps

Included sound Features:

  • Massive loops library of drums, bass, bass-drums, lines, pads, percussion, effects
  • Progressive Tech House style
  • 3 included songs + 1 FREE song when you register
  • 252 loops
  • 127-128-128-125 BPM
  • 165 MB of samples

Groovemaker Chris Domingo House for iPhoneGrooveMaker

Groovemaker Chris Domingo House for iPad

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Morphwiz at a Drum Machine Jam


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Jordan Rudess on NanoStudio


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iCircuit appeared

iCircuit is a really interesting app for anyone interested in DIY electronics, and is also a universal binary.

iCircuit is the premier iPad and iPhone app for designing and experimenting with circuits. Its advanced simulation engine can handle both analog and digital circuits and features realtime always-on analysis. It is the perfect companion to students, hobbyists, and engineers.

You use it as you would any CAD program: you add elements, connect them together, and set their properties.

But iCircuit is unlike other CAD programs because it is always simulating. It’s just like working with the real circuit. You do not stop to take a measurement or spend a lot of time configuring reports. Instead, you just play with the circuit as you normally would, with the power on!

There are over 30 elements you can use to build your circuits. The app has everything from simple resistors, to switches, to MOSFETS, to digital gates.

The app features a multimeter that you use to probe around the circuit to instantly read voltages and currents. If you want to see how a value changes over time, then you can add values to the built-in oscilloscope. The scope can simultaneously track many signals over time and features a touch interface to control the total time displayed and stacked and unstacked modes to easily compare signals.

Supported elements include:

  • Signal generators, Voltage sources, and Current sources
  • Resistors, Capacitors, and inductors
  • Manual SPST/SPDT Switches, and SPST/SPDT relays
  • Diodes, BJ Transistors, and MOSFETs
  • Speakers, Buzzers, and LEDs
  • ADCs, and DACs
  • Logic gates: AND, OR, NAND, NOR, XOR
  • JK and D Flip-flops

Because iCircuit is a very CPU intensive application, it is recommended that you only use it on newer generation hardware including: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPads. However, it will still function on the older hardware.


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More Teenage Engineering News

After not having anything from Teenage Engineering for ages today they make 2 posts. This second one is about the Norberg festival and is just the image above.

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The Daily eBay

One or two unusual bits on eBay today. To start with a Roland PMA-5 which I haven’t seen in a while.

Next an SU10 for just over £1 at the moment, and another SU10 for £25.

Next a Gristleism

A Circuit bent VL-1. Expensive though.

A Gakken SX-150.

And lastly a Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer.