Touch the Wave 2 update

Touch the Wave now has iPod library access! I think I should take a serious look at it again soon.


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  1. When you 'mix' into the equation that this app is FREE AND has ipod library import.. It becomes the best DJ app on iOS. Cue play dj is great but get's hard to get the loops perfect on anything other than techno.. touch DJ.. well, it's not getting the support from the dev it should.. baby decks/flare is turntablism (although baby decks is as old school mix setup as you get.. some cut eq's and its plenty for me..flare has been sitting idle with no pitch update as promised LONG ago..)

    Honestly.. I can't believe there aren't people jumping for joy over this app.. cartwheels in the streets.. minimalist perfection.. only missinng eq and high torq/no slow this to simulate scratching without a slipmat? a real stop button instead of a spindown at pause would be coo too..

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