2 comments on “Pulse Code Inc apps are free until 8th August”

Pulse Code Inc apps are free until 8th August

A quick reminder that four of Pulse Code’s apps are free until the 8th of August. They are:

Android FX
Joke Bot

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More music from Jason Sposa

If you liked his Nanoloop compositions then check out his site.

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Kindle 3 has a microphone

It is there, but according to Gadgetlab it is not currently enabled. I’m still tempted by the Kindle 3, but if apps start appearing and audio gets going on the Kindle it might start to get really interesting.

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The iTouch for Android

Peter Kirn tweeted this yesterday. It looks great. Just what I, and I’m sure lots of other people have been waiting for. But as the article says, without the marketplace it really would be worthless.

Let’s hope Samsung get it right, including the price.

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RingBow Concept demo via Fingerpainted

More info at Fingerpainted.

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Vote at CDM’s Platform Survey

Tell CDM what you want more coverage of here.

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mJammer Video

Via Matrixsynth.


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CDM: Free How to on Circuit Bending

More at CDM.

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Timbuk2 Tool Shed

Gadgetlab on the Timbuk2 Tool Shed Bag, which looks really handy.

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Radarhead Music Game via Matrixsynth

Via Matrixsynth.