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iGendyn 2.0 for iPhone

iGendyn 2.0 is here. Redesigned interface, with lots more customisation options; you can create presets for fast switching in live performance, save and load banks of presets, and create random mappings.

Of course, iGendyn is also free.


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Xewton Goes Universal

I’ve been waiting for this for a while and now it is here. Xewton is built for the iPad!

The update also includes iOS4 multitasking support and more, but for me, the iPad version is the thing!


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The Daily eBay

Things you may (or may not) be interested in on eBay at the moment. First off a QY20 which are always popular.

Next a QY10 which generally aren’t so popular.

Then a QY100 which is very cheap at the moment.

An SU10 going cheap, but check the listing if you’re thinking of bidding on this as it might not be functioning 100%.

And another SU10 which seems fine and is also going very cheap at the moment.

Next a Zoom PS-04.

And then lastly a Korg Pandora 4-track.

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Pulse Code Inc apps are free until 8th August

Four of Pulse Code’s apps are free until the 8th of August. They are:

Android FX
Joke Bot

They also have 2 new apps Polywave and Realtime Voice Transformer, more on these 2 another day.

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First impressions of Mixtikl 2.2

I had some time to play with the new version of Mixtikl. I really like the new randomisation controls, they make creating random mixes much more user friendly, and the tweaks to UI are good too. Looking forward to spending more time with Mixtikl again.


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    Computer in an Altoids Tin

    Another off topic post today but I thought that this post at Retrothing would interest quite a few people.

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    OT: Touch could become a 3G hotspot?

    Macrumors writes about the possibility of sprint creating a device to turn the iPod Touch into a mobile hotspot.

    Sounds like a great idea to me.

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    TUAW Reviews Hexaphone

    Only a quick review from TUAW on Hexaphone, but an interesting perspective from someone who refers to themselves as ‘not musically inclined’.


    4 comments on “Jailbreaking becomes really easy”

    Jailbreaking becomes really easy

    Now that jailbreaking is really ok it seems that doing it is going to get easier and easier with this site.

    1 comment on “Are new Kindles actually tablets in training?”

    Are new Kindles actually tablets in training?

    Slashdot asks the question about Amazon’s new Kindle readers, and I think I agree that readers and tablets will converge at some point in the future.