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Mixtikl arrives

The new version of Mixtikl has arrived for iPhone / Touch and iPad. Here’s what’s in the new version:

  • New extensive & customisable randomisation capabilities to allow easier creation of new mixes
  • Several new dialogs that improve usability (incl. Content Cell and FX Cell screens)
  • Find recent mixes more easily with MRU operation in Open screen
  • iDevice: Much faster UI response for all versions (dialogs, screens, scrolling lists)
  • iPhone: 4 high-def “retinal” skin
  • iDevice: iOS4 fast app switching, and playback that continues when Mixtikl is backgrounded
  • iDevice: Audio file import via Intua clipboard (Apple General Pasteboard) supporting: WAV, AU, Ogg and MIDI files
  • Tap top-right in many lists toggles to top/bottom of list
  • Tap Content cell for new Content Cell Menu; Tap/hold of Content Cell now loops /un-loops cell
  • Better, cleaner UI with an increased mix area in the mixer screen
  • Start-up progress text displayed in the start screen
  • Track/Global FX now colour-coded in the mixer screen, and faded out when disabled
  • Improved trigger/one-shot cell behaviour


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CDM on London Music Hack Day


Music Hack Day from Your Neighbours on Vimeo.

CDM reminds me that we might see some more music creation generated from this year’s hack day, which will be great.

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Amoebeat for iPhone

You might be wondering why I’m posting on this game app. Good question. Well I took a look at this as it reminded me so much of Electroplankton. Having checked out this game it isn’t as good as the real thing, but might be the closest you’ll get on your iPhone.

What is equally as interesting is that it is made with GameSalad, a drag and drop style environment for app development, and one of the tools that could have been hit by Apple’s ban on 3rd party development tools.

So it seems you can do some audio work in Gamesalad.


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Korg DS-10 Track 51

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Loopseque is coming

Thanks to Eric for pointing this out. The site gives some information, but doesn’t say when the app might be released.

If I find out I’ll let you know.

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Gestural iPhone Music

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The Daily eBay

Quite a few interesting finds today. Starting with a Bliptronic.

Then a Gakken SX-150 kit. A good price too.

A couple of SU10’s if you were after 2.

A rare VL-5.

Another rare item, a Yamaha MU5.

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iPad iMac Stand

I like the look of this stand from Lifehacker, but in some ways it defeats the object of being able to use the device for multitouch apps.

Still, it does look nice.

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Should Multitrack apps support Line6?

When I read this comment on a post about MultiTrack DAW I have to admit that I just hadn’t thought about multitrack apps supporting Line6’s MIDI mobilizer. However, the more I think about it, the more I think it could be a great idea.

What do you think?

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Question about 3G netbooks

I’m thinking about getting a 3G enabled netbook, or rather I’m just testing the water really. Any suggestions for this? The cheaper the better really.