Vultus HD for iPad

All I know of this app is from the app store description. It sounds intriguing though.

Vultus is a professional audio instrument now available for Apple iPad.

The Vultus sounds are recorded with the latest advanced audio tecnology.Each instrument feels real and gives you an enchanted acoustic sensation.

[The Piano Keyboard and the Drum Pad]:

– Choose the Piano Keyboard to play more then 20 different instruments:

Acoustic Grand Piano, Electric Piano, Rhodes, Hammond, PipeOrgan, Strings, Pizzicato Strings, Trumpet, Marimba, Xylophone, Pan Flute, Ocarina, Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Sitar, Electric Bass, Synth Bass, Synth Brass, Techno Synth, Electrical Storm …

– Choose the Drum Pad to play more then 20 different percussions and drum kits:

Dry Kit, Dry Kit 2, Ambient Kit, Rock Kit, Jazz Kit, Brush Kit, Latin Kit, Pop Drum, Reggae Drum, Heavy Drum, 80’s Drum, Afro, Afro 2, Oriental Mistery, World Percussions, Drum And Bass, Electro Kit, Electro Kit 2, House Kit, HipHop Kit …

[Innovative system to record your ideas]

Record your musical ideas and hear them in different sounds/instruments changing in real time the selected sound. This is a great solution for composers and songwriters who need to explore their tunes in different ways and in different arrangements.

Let the Vultus help you to find the right notes in the following scales:

Major, Minor, Harmonic Minor, Melodic Minor Asc., Melodic Minor Desc., Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian, Locrian, Whole/Half Diminished, Half/Whole Diminished, Whole Tone, Major Pentatonic, Minor Pentatonic, Blues, Major Blues, BeBop Dominant, BeBop Major, Hexatonic, Augmented, Alternate, Egyptian, Hirajoshi, Pelog, Balinese, Japanese, Chinese, Chinese 2, Hungarian Major, Hungarian Minor, Enigmatic, Neopolitan, Flamenco, Arabian, Persian, Byzantine.



  1. Something that really bothers me with any music app is the developer not putting up a demo on their website. If I could just hear it and see it in action then I might buy it …. but without that …. I'll have to wait for user reports, not the often bogus early iTunes reviews but the ones from my here or from my friends.


  2. Yep, that's usually a tell-tale sign that the app probably sucks, pardon my language. You can also sometimes tell when there are less that 5 screenshots– what are they hiding???

    In the case of this one, the poor graphic design is also an indicator to stay away. For $4.99, you're just $2 away from a full featured amazing app like ThumbJam, so why be burned? This appears to be another newbir developer possibly in over their head, and pricing their app about $4.99 too much.

    I'm all for supporting up and comers, but I also have to call'em like I see'em…


  3. Not worth $5.99. This really isn't bringing anything new to the table for apps such as this other than the help in finding the right notes for various scales, which is cool. You can record a set but you can't take it anywhere …. I'm spoiled I guess. I'm also experiencing a little bit of latency so I'll probably be removing this from my valuable iPad real estate.


  4. Thanks …. was waiting for your quick thoughts. I am also getting rather particular about which apps I keep onboard. And for this type of app, I don't know how Thumb Jam could possibly be uprooted!


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