How should non-techie’s learn programming?

Interesting question raised at slashdot, which I bet lots of people have asked themselves over time. How do I get get my heard into coding?

My favourite comment at slashdot was “Give someone a program, frustrate them for a day. Teach someone to program, frustrate them for a lifetime.


  1. Let someone who knows code for you and spend your time doing something better 😉 It's my opinion after fifteen years programming…

  2. I think it depends on *why* someone wants to learn programming. A lot of artists learn 'creative coding' in environments like Processing and OpenFrameworks, where the code is highly work-specific and experimental. The resulting software is not intended for use by others, so a lot of the criteria that usually govern software development don't apply.

    However, if the reason you want to code is to write an *application*, possibly one that is intended for use by other people, I definitely think it is better to employ a programmer and not use the DIY approach.

    Writing software for other people is a lot harder than writing it for yourself.

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