XT single oscillator test on iPhone 4

Amidio’s interface’s never disappoint do they. Looking forward to seeing this next iteration of Noise IO.



  1. I'm not a fan of Amidio's interfaces. They don't look terrible, but they're kind of tacky and certainly don't help the usability of their apps. Unfortunately it seems this trend will continue.

  2. Looking at the first screen, even though it's not an oscilloscope, reminds me somehow of Berna. Now if someone ported THAT to iOS4 I would be a very happy man indeed. In fact, I wouldn't moan or complain about anything for a whole year. Promise.

  3. Actually, my life would be totally complete with SynthiPad and Berna running on an iPad…

  4. Hi, thanks for the comments!

    Actually we design all the interfaces with the idea of maximum usability.

    One of the most wonderful things about XT is that you can design any sound using 1 thumb, holding your phone with a single hand. Portability forever 🙂 Although XT is still under heavy development, I am sure that it is going to be a real candy to use in real life. And we do have some “wow”-things (regarding the interface) that are not yet shown…

  5. ^^^

    We'll see. I like the interface shown, but some of these kiddie, fisher price interfaces makes me skip purchasing.

    Stick to the Basics. Simple and Functional.

  6. Not sure about the naysayers on your progressive UI, Toyo. I think that video looks totally rad, and it appears that you're running it on an iP4, so that retina display should be a real treat to use. Make it a universal app for iPad as well, please!

  7. Looking forward to xt. Is there a planned release date? The amidio web says it was planned for 2010 IIQ.

    Btw, great update for pro!

  8. Dear Toyo. Please feel free to log on to the amidio forums and explain the absolute lack of support or admin presence there since the end of APRIL ! Frankly there a great deal of folk over there who have invested in amidio apps which are lapsing into steadfast uselessness as a direct result of your companys utter indifference to respond to their support queries. Also, while you are here, please feel free to explain what the “song copy” function within Touch DJ 2's most recent update is all about, because nobody in the world seems to have the foggiest clue as to what or where or how it is supposed to behave. Is it just a typo in the updates description then ?

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