Akai SynthStation (slight) update

My sort of weekly look at where we are with the (incredibly) long awaited SynthStation 25 from Akai.

DolphinMusic in the UK now have the Akai SynthStation listed as being available within 7-10 days. The price quoteed is £79.99, so no change on that part.

Musician’s Friend in the US still has the Akai SynthStation25 listed as available from the 18th of August! They have it priced at $99.

And lastly Music123 also have the Akai SynthStation25 as available from the 18th of August at $99.

So perhaps we might see the controller arrive in the UK sooner rather than later. I won’t hold my breath. So it is anyone’s guess as to what’s happening with this device and when any of us can get that SynthStation app working as it was intended.

If you know more, or have had one delivered! Please let me know.


  1. I agree. It's been too long coming and the gloss has worn off. Plus the app needs some work. I think it's very cumbersome compared to say nanostudio or beatmaker.

  2. Know what you mean about the app, I was using it the other day and it was just no fun at all.

    The workflow isn't intuitive in any way and it feels so clunky.

    A bit shame.

  3. Unless nanostudio gets an update to work with the hardware, I'll pass. (and I've been desperate for this for ages!)

  4. Finally some news. Akai have just emailed about the SDK to get devs to support the keyboard on their apps. Please please please devs of Nlog, PocketOrgan (C3B3), iSyn, nanostudio, wavesynth, pianofly, megasynth, noise.io, ivoxel, vocoder sv5, grand pro, ellatron, argon/xenon, beatmaker, dopplerpad and bleep!box sign up asap! And any others I've forgotten -these are just the ones I've bought.

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