Will webOS 2.0 take on iPhone 4 and the iPad?

AppleInsider writes this post about HP’s intention to take on the iPhone 4 and the iPad. I hope that they do bring something new and really exciting to the tablet market. I think it’d be good to get some iPad competition going, and personally I’d like to see whatever is left of Palm get some attention again.

I’m not sure I can see webOS taking off for mobile music though. I’m guessing that a lot of developers will take a look, but does webOS provide a stable enough environment for mobile music applications, and will HP provide an ecosystem that can compete with Apple?

Who knows. What do you think?

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  1. Its all about the developers. WebOS is better than IOS but its not about which is the better, but if it has a big enough userbase to sell too.

    I think it just needs a few killer applications, I don't care if there's 1000 synths I can try.

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