Songmaker for iPhone

An interesting looking app for the iPhone. It reminds me of LaDiDa. Here’s the description.

Turn your voice into a brand new song –never before heard by anyone in the world! Not good at singing? No talent for music? Never mind. You can create a song of your own voice with SongMaker even without actually singing.

Launch the SongMaker app, tap “Tap To Record” button, and simply speak the lyrics you want
into the microphone while pressing the keys to enter the melody you want.
After recording completed, SongMaker will play the song with your voice following the given melody along with background music. While SongMaker automatically tweaks the given melody to concur with the background music (while reflecting the original as much as possible), you are free to choose any notes by tapping the keys.

In addition, you may edit the background track with various combinations of different instruments and loops.

Also, Packs of a variety of genres, which are sets of loops that build a background track, are being updated on the server for download.


  • Transforms the input voice to a song of the desired melody.
  • Offers customizable background music.
  • Creates music of a variety of genres.
  • Sends the song created through email.

SongMaker is NOT….

  • a karaoke-like application that demands users to know the songs to sing in advance and put effort into singing accurate notes.
  • Instead, SongMaker is an application that enables users to create songs with their own lyrics and melody.
  • an application that replaces the recorded voice into some other sound (e.g. sound of instrument or singing mouse).
  • Instead, SongMaker shifts the pitch of input voice as naturally as possible maintaining the original pronunciation.

Notes and requirements

  • Headphones are highly recommended.
  • Take care not to tap the keys too hard; otherwise the tapping sound may also be recorded via microphone
  • Record in a quiet place. Also, you’ll get the best results when a single person’s voice recorded.
  • Try speaking in different pitch than usual. It will change the timbre of the final voice processed (to be harder or softer).
  • For iPod Touch and original iPhone users, a pair of headphones with a built-in mic is required.



  1. OMG! Yet another app to use DSP and pitch correction to help non-musicians make bad elevator music.

    Think of all of the incredibly stinky music going out into the universe. It can't be good for, especially after the oil spill. I am concerned for our future.

    Please, people!! If you want to create good music, music that will benefit the cosmos, take some lessons and practice your ass off. And if you can't sing, please don't.

  2. Cool app!
    Everyone deserves enjoying creating music in their own ways…hope these kinds of apps to be developed and released more.

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