Manufacturers aiming at the iPad

This post at Gadgetlab suggests that lots of manufacturers are aiming their new tablets at the iPad. My favourite was the PalmPad! I’m amazed that Palm/HP didn’t trademark that!


  1. HP did trademarked “Palm Pad”, unless you meant they didn't do it before?

    I wonder if Apple will enforce the “pad” word use like they did with “pod”, and forcing/suing anyone who would have this common word in their product name to remove it (eveny my soundcard was renamed from Firepod to FP10 because of them, pretty much every product on earth with “pod” in their name has received have been threatened by Apple)

    A lot of people have just realized tablet computers exists and are available, where last year most people thought it was a sci-fi thing from the future (having worked with tablets for the past 10 years, I always find this amusing). Everyone wants a piece of the pie.

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