Guitar Cables Comparison video

I’ve been trying out both the PRS Guitarbud (eBay Link) and the Guitar Connect cable from Griffin Technology which is the cable that goes with iShred Live.

I’ve made a little video showing the two of them running through iShred Live to compare the two.

Here are a few thoughts about the 2 cables and about iShred Live too.

PRS GuitarBud
This cable is fine as is, but feels a little on the lightweight side. It also came over as somewhat noisy and crackly when used. However, they can be picked up cheaply and perform fine.

One thing I have found with the PRS cable is that when I’ve tried to use it for a line in connection I get a lot of signal bleed from the headphone jack. I’m sure that this is the case with any passive cable, but if you’re thinking of using it for iDevice to iDevice recording then it isn’t really good enough.

This cable from Griffin Technology is of a more substantial build overall and felt like it had a guitar in mind when it was designed. Although it is really difficult to tell the difference between the two I preferred this one overall and thought that the sound quality was better, but as I said before it is difficult to put my finger on why.

iShred Live
iShred Live is a free app on the store and if you’re used to the original iShred then you’ll know all the effects that are there. As a free app I really can’t fault it at all. Personally I quite enjoy using this for building up soundscapes with a guitar using very long delays.

Well, no surprises, out of these 2 cables the Griffin Technology cable is my preferred of the passive cables. I think that it is available now from the Griffin Technology site for about $30. the PRS cable retails around the same I think.

What’s next …
I’m just trying to finish off a little video of the iRig from IK Multimedia using their AmpliTube app. At the moment it appears that the only place you can get these is eBay for now sadly, but I’m sure they’ll start appearing soon enough!

I’m hoping to be able to review all of the interfaces as they come out and give you an unbiased view as to their merits.

5 thoughts on “Guitar Cables Comparison video”

  1. Will you test the $200 one Ashley? :o)

    I'm still leaning towards the Ampkit one, but iRig is nice and compact. Either way, some impedance matching is a must, so Guitarbud is out for me.


  2. I've confirmed that line level outputs are being blocked from connecting to the input on ios4 and ipad with a straight cable. Guitar connects fine though.. (there's a giant variable resitor called a volume knob that works to keep things in range..)

    So still real curious how ios4 treats all of these input solutions..

    I was able to get things going with a resitor though–was even able to make my cheap headset adapter work with voice command. “play artist white stripes” pretty fun.


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