Early impressions of NanoStudio

I thought I’d collect some early views on NanoStudio in case you were in any doubt.


I’m amazed at the sound on this app, the synths seem fantastic!
The whole app seems to be very easy to navigate and a joy to use (UNLIKE REBIRTH!). This is what i’ve been waiting for!
I’m going to try and sample some drumms of my c64/MSSIAH, and try to get the Eden synth to make some chiptune sounds!

This program is mind blowing! The synths sound awesome and are plenty deep. Swing features are great!. Audio copy/paste should be coming in next update?

Just got Nanostudio. The autobeat feature is what I’ve been waiting 4 in a beat app. Love it just based on that. Awesome



  1. Xewtron, Beatmaker…err…Akai Synthstation? Whatever!? They're ALL DEAD now! A new standard has been set. I've got new musical possibilities coming out of my cranium!!

  2. I agree completely. I've only just purchased it an hour ago and had a very short time to play with it but the synth presets are fantastic. Just playing the demo song and flipping through all the screens and options left my jaw on the ground. I'm seriously impressed and can't wait to really dig into it.

    This is a BIG day for mobile music making!!!!!

  3. I love watching feedback on these posts, to gauge what's popular and what's not!

    This app deserves all the accolades it gets, the best thing about this app for me (despite the awesome sounds and rich feature set) is the usabilty. I feel like making music again! I agree wirh whats said above, and my heads full of ideas for possible uses.

    Pure genius!

  4. It really is a phenomenal program. I was afraid that it was getting overhyped and that I'd be disappointed, but I am absolutely in love. I think THE thing that stands above all other apps is the developer's commitment to usability and navigation – the zooming (zoom to selection is BRILLIANT) and editing in particular are just so ridiculously intuitive that suddenly my other favorite “make a whole song” apps like Xewton and Beatmaker feel literally broken by comparison. You could almost use this app with your eyes closed. The bar has been raised, and the gauntlet has been thrown down.

  5. ooooooh you mean its available now? I know what I'll be doing tonight 🙂
    Can't wait to try it.

  6. Amazing. So easy to use, yet sooo deep. I can't put it down. The optimization is amazing. I've been pushing it hard and havnt had any memory issues or slowdowns on my 3G. Automation, tweakability, sample editing, great synths, great UI, and so much more. The new standard for mobile music has been set with nanostation.
    Expect new stuff from Building the Station using nanostation soon!

  7. It's so inspiring. I also can't put it down. It's a joy to use, so many tweaks and options, the quality is so high. I can only imagine where the app can go from here. I created a loop in Nanostudio and started playing a lead over top with Thumbjam and it sounded amazing (I'm jailbroken). Between this, apps like Mulititrack and the guitar stuff that's coming out, I have no desire to produce on my PC at all. Very exciting times.

  8. @ $15 and the feature set, this cheapskate is on the fence. I'm pretty tempted to buy, but I'm waiting to demo it tonight on my WinPC. If I dig it, and it does a couple of things I've been needing other iOS apps to do well (like tempo automation), I'll bite.

    I really dig what I've seen however. It seems to be the first iOS DAW app designed from a sound-designer/usability point of view that can actually compete with desktop progs.

    It doesn't seem to skimp on the features to create a dumb “Make techno/hip-hop now!” sort of app for beginners. Almost as deep as Reason 1.0 from what I've seen (which to be honest isn't the deepest program, but is as deep as you would want a mobile app to be), while at the same time isn’t as tough as SunVox (my current fav music app) to jump in and make a track.

    I hope this will be my new fav to make IDM tracks on the go.

  9. no audio copy paste yet? fail

    The re-sample and wave edit is a plus tho.

    After making music on the iPad its hard to go back to the iPhone.

  10. I wish people would kindly refrain from using the word “fail”.

    In order to have the Sonoma Audio pasteboard, it, I am lead to believe, requires applying for the code from Sonoma, and then receiving some kind of approval, a bit like the Appstore itself, which takes time. You must also credit Sonoma in your App. If this isn't within your development time frame, then it has to wait until an update in the future to add this function.

    It's hard work being a developer because if you feel you have a really good idea that no one else has come up with yet, there is an urgency to bring your product to market as soon as you can, before anyone else gets there, without of course rushing it. Then once it's in the appstore, which is one of the most nerve racking times in your entire life, I must say, add the update at a later date, in a future revision.

  11. Not much to add other than well done to the dev, this is a lovely piece of software. Works sweet on my iPad. I've not yet looked into syncing work-in-progress tracks directly from iPad to iPhone, but that would be a cool feature if it's not already there. Just sync and go (my porky little iPad rarely leaves the house).

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