iRig first impression

Got my iRig today and started playing with it using IK Multimedia’s AmpliTube app.

So far it is very good. My plan is to do a comparison between the three interfaces I’ve got so far. I’ll be putting together a video to compare them and give you my conclusions. Hopefully that’ll be tomorrow.



  1. Could you try a line level input also? and the output from another gadget's headphone like a nintendo ds?

    Something changed with ios4 I just now noticed. The mic in is being very selctive now on my ipod 3rd gen. Guitars work, gadget headphones out that used to don't, audio out from PC that used to work doesn't. Those little headset adapters with built in mics don't work either now. This might be two things: protecting the mic input, and facilitating voice control. Either way puttinga serious damper on my ability to get some new chops done in beatmaker. weak…

    So yeah DANG curious is the irip works with line level/headphone level stuff.. (might be a matter of putting a resister in line.. no biggie.. should be there anyway I'm just too lazy and know to turn ish down) I've got a direct box too, but… eh it's as big as a stack of 10 ipods itself.. and xlr.. pfft..

    I'm about to try the line out from an analog tape deck, the line out from a dvd player..

    Tried hot-swapping with the guitar but as soon as anything line level and up plugs in ish stops working. Meanwhile, everythings all good on the iphone 2g.

    PS, here's a good one, none of my usb gadgetry seems to be working on the camera dock after the latest ipad update last week, and all of these line input issues are there as well despite there being no voice control.

    I'm not crying foul (just yet) but I'd lie if I said I wasn't tearing up a bit right now.

    I JUST got over my macally ivoiceiii (stereo input) quitting from 2.2 to 3.0 update.. weak sauce..I will not shell out $100++ for line in I'll do without.

  2. OH ps, careful not to yank your jack out of your ipod/device.. maybe it has a longer cable that shown in the pic, but that's the opposite way to “rig” a headphone to instrument cable.. if you don't want the weight of the cable yanking down/sideways on the jack constantly, that is.. 😉

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