Hexaphone arrives

Hexaphone has arrived. I posted on this a while ago, and it is now in the app store at a discounted price, 75% off!

Here’s the description:

Hexaphone is a performance-oriented musical synthesizer for iPhone and iPod Touch, created to give musicians a flexible tool that’s small enough to fit in your pocket, but powerful enough to deliver big, expressive musical performances.
Most iPhone instruments are hindered by the small screen size. The keys are too small, which means it’s easy to play a wrong note.

Hexaphone embraces the small screen size, solving the space problem by providing a simplified, six-note keyboard. The six notes are selected based on the type of music you want to play. The “wrong notes” are removed from the screen entirely, freeing up room for bigger keys across more octaves.

Choose a six-note scale based on the type of music you want to play (Blues, Dance, Trance, and many more), fire up a beat, and off you go!

Using samples from a Nord Lead 3, Hexaphone produces a wide range of sounds, including funky 70’s tones, gritty, overdriven synth sounds, and modern pads.

Hexaphone allows you to record your melodies, synchronized to the beat. You can lay down a quick bassline, record it, and then play along with it as you add a melody, chords, etc.

Hexaphone allows your iPod to play in the background, or you can play over a wide variety of included drum loops. (Double-Tap the Home button while in the app to bring up the iPod controls)

Advanced features:

  • High performance graphics and sound implementation – grace notes, complex rhythms and staccato expressions all come through clearly
  • Multi-touch support – up to five simultaneously
  • 11 Scales which allow you to change the notes triggered by the keys – 6 notes per octave over 5 octaves, for a total of 31 notes. Scales include:
  • Blues (Hexatonic)
  • Dance
  • Trance
  • Minor (2 variants)
  • Major (2 variants)
  • Plus: Lydian, Mixolydian, Phrygian Dominant and Chromatic
  • 5 Patches which changes the sound of the instrument:
  • Power Square: Gritty synth tone
  • Power Saw: Heavy distortion
  • Tonewheel: Cool organ tone
  • Funky Square: Wah-wah sound
  • Trance Pad: Ideal for chords
  • 16+ Drum Loops to play in the background
  • 5 Hip Hop Loops
  • 3 Chillout Loops
  • 4 Rock Loops
  • 4 Dance Loops
  • Keyboard shows 13 notes at a time, slides easily with your touch, and snaps to half-octave increments
  • All notes can be labeled with their musical interval – minor 7th, root, major 3rd, tritone, etc.
  • Record your playing into files, and then play along with it. Manage your recordings with file operations (browse, delete, rename, etc.)
  • Tunable to any key, so you can play along with other instruments

Additional patches, loops, and other features are planned for future version releases.

Hexaphone is best enjoyed through an external speaker or amplifier, to bring out the bass sounds.

Hexaphone was designed to run on all iPhones, but it really shines with the 3GS and iPhone 4. Classic and 3G users can improve performance by turning off the KEY ILLUM feature.

For live performances, use Airplane Mode to avoid interruptions.


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