MultiTrack and the iPod Library

I was using MultiTrack yesterday and trying out the access to the iPod Library. My initial view is that this is going to be a great feature if you keep your own tracks in iTunes and want to use them and record other instruments and vocals over them.

The only downside is if you have a lot of tracks in your iPod library. If that’s the case, you might find it quite hard to navigate to the track you want to get to.

The track isn’t used direct from the library. Instead, the app imports the track and pastes it into a track in multitrack, and I assume that this is the same for other apps making use of the feature.

For me this is a great step forward and I can see it could be useful for DJ apps too, although I don’t think they’ll be able to use tracks immediately from the library and will have to import them in the same way as MultiTrack DAW.



  1. Can you imagine, someday we might be able to use the ipad like a computer!

    .. might ..

  2. Just shows the capabilities of the iPad, with audio copy paste this makes the ipad capable of real music creation, if only it had a basic eq and effects.

  3. Multi track DAW works equally as well on my 3rd Gen iPod Touch, which is a helluva lot more portable than an iPad ( I use the app for sketching out playlists for mixtapes).
    The app really could do with a couple more features, which will doubtfully arrive in time. My personal preferences would include fade-in/fade-out, time stretch, pitch adjust, and the ability to import more than a single track from the iPod library at a time. Factor in these few features and this app would truly become the choicest mobile digital audio recorder/editor.

  4. MultiTrack has been my favorite iOS recording solution precisely because the wifi feature allowed me to upload my own tracks to it so I could add preliminary vocal tracks. Library access will make this even easier. Terrific. Now all I need is a few basic effects and, honestly, a good tutorial on how to use bins and the other new features!

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