Band Simulator for iPad

An unusual app for the iPad. This application is a guitar, bass and drums three-piece is a sequencer.


  • The tone Drive, Clean 2-tone
  • 0 to 22 full sampling frets
  • Mute noise, brushing off the sound when recording noise.
  • Drive sample 366 72MB
  • Clean sample 288 74MB
  • Velocity, BPM, while calculating the time to play pick-string falls in real time by the stroke length of the note.
  • The normal playing, muting, hammer, Pulling off, brushing can be specified.
  • Attribute specified input method, full code given fret, high code, power chords, octaves and single-tone input.
  • Attribute, offset, type, velocity, picking (down, up) playing style, fret position, stroke length, sounds (Clean, Drive), on each string, can be edited off.


  • String string 1to4 0to22 full sampling to fret
  • Brushing noise, noise when recording off the sound.
  • 3 string, 4 string 12 fret to sound in four sampling switch results in live sound just like root note.
  • The sound will play bass bass amp drive pick, as it gives high sound pressure and limiting so.
  • Specified input method or attribute specified by two frets. TAB enter the screen-like marks.
  • Even glissando playing, hammering, pulling off reproduce.
  • Attribute (root, 3rd, 5th, 7th, octave) and offset (down 1 tone, semitone lower, the semitone, one tone above) will soon be converted simply by specifying the code type.


  • The tone, BD, SD1, SD2, Tom1, Tom2, Tom3, HH (Close, 1/4Open, 1/2Open, 3/4Open, Open), Cymbal (4Type), Ride (Edge, Cup), China, Splash the recording.
  • BD 26-inch 06-inch types 18, SD can be selected from four types.
  • SD1, SD2, Tom1, Tom2, Tom3 sounds like life is obtained by switching the four tones.
  • 4 BD, but the sound velocity, HH the sound of two switches


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