Cosey’s Hacked nanoPad

Chris Carter posted picture of Cosey’s hacked nanoPad. Here’s what he says about it.

The 12 ‘tap pads’ on Cosey’s Korg nanoPAD have always been ‘problematic’ to say the least but recently they stopped working completely… again! Because the pads were pretty rubbish anyway she mostly used the Kaoss pad section (to control her soft-synth) so rather than buy yet another unit I sliced off the right-hand pads section with a Dremel – an easy job as the pads are just connected via a flat removable ribbon cable.

She now has a fully functioning USB Kaoss Pad – that’s still configurable via the Korg Kontrol Editor app.

I love it when a plan comes together. 

This actually looks like quite a good mod for a nanoPad, and as you can get nanoPads quite cheap on eBay it might be worth a try if your DIY skills are up to it (as mine aren’t).

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