Velocity Cruz Android Tablet

Gadgetlab writes about another new Android tablet in the pipeline. I have to say that this one looks a little uninspiring to me.

Is it a serious iPad competitor? Maybe. The video is really pitched around using the device as an eBook reader, and it might be very good at that. So far I’ve been completely unimpressed with the iBooks app and it’s selection of books on the iPad.


  1. Yeah I wasn't to impressed with iBooks either. Kindle's got it on lock. The multiple device aspect of Kindle alone makes it's the best choice.

  2. Kindle app on various devices is my preferred ebook reader. Iphone, iPad, Android, Mac, PC, Kindle. It automatically syncs between the various client apps and you can easily just pick up where you left off. Also unlike iBooks it has a back button and support inverse white-on-black display.

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