Reforge update

Reforge gets an update today. Here’s what’s new:

Added Time stretch: Music can now be stretched to arbitrary length without a change in pitch.
Added Pitch modification: Pitch can now be changed without changing the speed of the audio.
Fixed a few bugs in AudioCopy code



  1. This update sucks. Greed will get you nowhere. No Realtime = SUCKS
    No Zoom in/out WAVE Form = SUCKS ASS

  2. I'm bout to delete this app. straight up. My iPad just shut down while using it. I'm heated! I had to restart it. SMH

  3. Can't comment on Reforge, but I have Audioforge and Audioview and both are excellent with further features due to appear in the future.

    My understanding is that Tibor has a feedback forum where all replicatable issues can be raised (and hopefully resolved) on his website (via

    Hope this helps

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