Expect Windows 7 Tablets

Mr Ballmer says we should expect a lot of Windows 7 tablets by the end of the year, but what can we expect from them?

Whilst I really like my iPad I wouldn’t want to run normal OSX desktop software on it. That’s not where it’s strength is. The iPad is good because of multi-touch apps written to work with it’s form factor. So will Windows 7 have a separate tablet version, and will it be connected with Windows Phone 7 in some way.

MS tablets will live or die by the software that developers write for the platform, that’s pretty much a given now, but the other question I have is will Windows 7 tablets pick up where netbooks have left off and be more geared toward business users?

Lots of questions, and lots of time before the answers start becoming apparent. I hope MS do get serious about both tablets and mobile devices in general. I think that the competition would be good for the market as a whole. The downside is, as usual in my wallet!


  1. I am not sure what I'd want. I think I'd prefer the *opportuniy* to run desktop apps on a Win 7 tablet, but this would of course mean the use of a stylus, which I think complicates things in terms of the touch screen tech used (something about active digitisers or something). A big WinMo 7 phone approach doesn't appeal to me.

    Maybe MS need to come up with a “dual boot” type approach, or dual CPUs with shared storage? For personal use, 75% of what I do is done well by the iPad and could be done by a WinMo touch-friendly OS. For work use it is more like 50% or less, with most stuff requiring a “desktop” OS.

  2. What Ballmer meant was “Expect newer Windows 7 tablets”, or “Expect nice sub-1000$ Windows 7 tablets”, cause these guys have been making W7 tablets for quite some time already.




    @robman84, its up to you to make it dualboot. If its a computer and not a gadget, there's nothing stopping you from doing it.

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