Nokia to fight back

Brighthand posts on Nokia’s plans to fight back and do better in the US, but will it be too little too late?

Personally I haven’t used a Nokia device in many years. I’m not sure that Symbian and MeeGo will be enough to bring Nokia into the high end smartphones.

I think that users of these types of devices expect an application platform for their device where they can find ‘an app for anything’, certainly iPhone users think like this, and without developers to support this kind of platform I can’t see Nokia playing in the same space as Apple’s iOS and Android.

So, what do you think?


  1. I agree. Personally however, I am happy using Nokia phones as I've been using them forever and I like to keep my music making and my phoning separate. I use an touch and I'm not really interested in getting an iPhone…

  2. Too late, too little, Apple has created a platform, much like videogames.

    I wish them (and us) best of luck, but if Nokia wants to succeed, they will have to do much more because they are competing with a platform, not devices. They should take a look at Microsoft and Sony both introduced a new console into an already saturated market, and then became leaders in that market for a certain period.

    … and then realise that mobile devices are more akin to a videogame console than a portable computer 🙂

  3. Nokia are in the process of introducing QT as their development platform of choice on Symbian and Meego devices. This should entice more developers as there is less of a learning curve than with native Symbian development at least. The N8 will be the first Symbian device to ship with QT installed. I dont know if there are any existing music making apps that are developed in QT. If there are it will be interesting to see if they are easily ported to the N8.

    Meego should be a more interesting platform for music making as it is linux which already has lots of open source music apps available. I already have Supercollider, Ardour, Sunvox(admittedly with clicks and pops), Audacity and probably a few more apps running on my linux eeepc 701. Also, Nokia have stated that the Meego devices are designed to emulate a desktop type experience. This may mean that these apps are easily portable to Meego devices. Does anyone know if the N900 has a floating point unit ?

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