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  1. Am I the only one that thinks that:

    a. MorphWiz is a horrible copy of Bebot with all the humour & fun removed?

    b. Is stupidly expensive?

    c. Is a fkin stupid name?

    d. Has been rushed out and not even tested on the devices it has been sold for? Releasing a version with no sound for iPhone/iPod just shows a lazy approach to app writing ie It works on iPad ergo it will work on everthing else…

    I wish Mr Rudess would finish things that he starts and develop Hexatone so that you can see the fr15ging hexagons!!!

    e. It's a stupid name

    Personally, I'd like Mr Rudess to complete/develop Hexatone so that you can actually see the fkin hexagons

  2. Morphwiz works just fine on my ipod touch 3G!
    And why buy it if it is so shitty? Mister Rudess has posted enough videos on you tube etc so that it is difficult not to know what you're buying.
    Signed MyklH

  3. Yes, it is sort of a copy of Bebot, has any credit ever been given? If not, it really should be.

    Also, yes, the name is sort of stupid, but way more tacky is the icon, and the (lack of) graphic design…

    The app seems to be selling respectably enough, so why can't they hire a graphic designer to help with the embarrassing look of the app? Functionally, it's actually pretty nice with lots of future potential, but it has just the worst graphic design sense and looks very cheap compared to a pro looking app like iSequence or the Korg iElectribe.

    And to cut them some slack, making it Universal for the iPad and iPhone is pretty cool, whether or not there is a bug that will be worked out sooner than later, i would imagine.

    Change the hippie nonsense look of it and the cheesy self-serving icon/name and they'd sell a lot more, I'd bet…

  4. I did not purchase the app. I only watched the videos

    it just looks a bit crap to me

    Hexatone on t'other hand is a fkin bit of genius which could do with a slap-in-the-ass-with-a-cow-sized-banjo!!

    Admittedly, I have not passed on my thoughts but I would have thought that my misgivings were in plain black-and-white, and not just differing shades of dark grey as the Hexatone interface sadly is

    You will now be returned to your normal programming

  5. I think Rudness has smoked a few too many. His playing is just OK, and then he looks at the camera like “wasn't that just freakin' awesome?!).


  6. I've been waiting for this app for the iPod since the first teaser videos. Bebot was the main reason I got my 3rd gen iPod Touch, and I still play it almost every day. I love Bebot's responsiveness to touch. It's absolutely amazing how expressive it can be.

    This is what I expected Morphwiz to be, and a lot more. After a couple of hours of testing I can say that it's nowhere near as responsive as Bebot. It lacks the immediate movement to sound feel that Bebot has. And why isn't there any filter section?

    Money wasted, with the current version at least.

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