soundTable for iPad

I am always amazed when new apps turn up from new developers. I stems from a view that there are only so many developers willing to make mobile music apps. However, I am constantly wrong on that and gladly so.

Here’s a new iPad app called soundTable. It looks quite interesting. Here’s the description:

The SOUND TABLE is the new amazing App to make music by senses:

  • LOOK FOR the best loops and the most suitable effects
  • GET & MOVE the objects by your fingers
  • LISTEN the sounds through headphones or speakers

Easy to use with a clean and simple interface, the SOUND TABLE allows you to make music as never before.

Pump up the volume, there is a party in your hands!


  • Move objects, adjust frequency, tempo and amplitude…
  • Sync loops with a single tap…
  • Link cascade filters…
  • Record your sessions and layouts

New loops available daily!!



  1. I grabbed this app last night, and I have to say that it's a quality production from top to bottom. It transitions between samples and effects with no popping or stuttering whatsoever. I emailed the developer, and they responded right away, telling me that the ability to upload user-supplied samples / loops is the single update they're currently working on, but no promise of when.

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