Details of new iPod Touch Leaked

Who knows if it is for real or not, but it does sound plausible to me. According to Wired Gadgetlab the new iTouch will have a 5mp camera, flash and gyroscope, and will launch in September. Sounds like it’ll be what a lot of people have been waiting for. Read the whole post here.


  1. This has got to be garbage…there is NO WAY that Steve “Hold 'em diff'rently” Jobs(worth) would evar succumb to the evils of the battery-force drainer that is Flash…

  2. We've got development projects underway using Android Froyo and Flash 10.1, and it works great. It doesn't drain the battery nor crash. Steve is full of stuff. As the iPhone becomes marginalized, Apple is going to secretly regret their artificial restriction, but I don't think they will ever capitulate.

    Under the covers FaceTime is really iChat with a new name. But I doubt Apple will put FaceTime on the iPod touch since they chose to use cellular phone numbers for FaceTime authentication. Plus putting the cameras and FaceTime on iPod touches would seriously undermine iPhone exclusives. Remember Apple NEEDS to sell iPhones.

    Realize also that there really is no competition for the iPod touch except the Gameboy and PSP coming from the gaming side.

  3. Whatever Steve says, Flash IS on the ipad now, and he can't do anything about it. Now pretty much everyone can install it.


    Looking at the videos, it seems to work really well (except videos, at this time), and it doesn't drain the battery.

    Steve can spread all the lies you want, and fanboys may drink all the koolaid they wish, but he can't hide the truth forever.

  4. Yes, I meant 'a flash' as in camera. Interesting debate around flash though, might need a separate post to stir up the debate on that.

  5. I find Flash on websites to be exceedingly annoying most of the time, which is why I have installed ClickToFlash. Web designers need to realize that unless we are actually clicking on something that says “video” most of us do not want to watch animated ads and menu bars.

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