Agile Partners on AmpKit and AmpKit LiNK

An interesting post from Agile Partners on their forthcoming AmpKit and AmpKit LiNK products. The article explains how they got to tne end product. Very interesting stuff. Read the whole post here.


  1. This is currently my front runner in terms of hardware. It's a bit bulky compared to iRig, but the battery powered headphone amp seems to make sense. That said, it all comes down to (a) sound quality and (b) price. Since I can currently get away with using my Micro BR as a pre-amp I can afford to wait until there's a professional comparison between the iRig and Ampkit hardware.

    The app is a different story though! I've bought the cheaper iRig Amplitube one and am waiting on the Ampkit one. What's really tempting though is a universal app with proper iPad support (e.g. the teaser screens from Amplitube!).

  2. I for one would be very interested in seeing a “group test”, especially if it also incorporated microphones with line-in capability, such as the new Mikey and that Logitec (Japan) iREC03 thing. I do appreciate the costs involved, however…!

    I agree that the AmpKit appears to look the most promising at the moment, appearing to offer the best balance of tech, cost and “future-proofing” (presumably working with iPhone4/iPad?).

    As always the proof will be in the listening, though…

  3. IK Multimedia here – We've contacted you through Facebook but haven't heard back, we'd be happy to have you take a look at iRig.

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