Morphwiz woes

A number off you have mentioned issues with Morphwiz on the iPhone. I’ve got the same issues too. I just get the load screen and then a crash.

Let’s hope it gets fixed soon.



  1. It worked for me, but now it doesn't crash, but there's no sound. Probably a restart will fix it.
    Ive had a number of issues with apps since upgrading to ios4, both thumbjam and dopplerpad have given me weird feedback after switching to another app. It's like some issue with backgrounding audio. Perhaps the various apps are now contending for the audio hardware?
    Hope it all gets fixed soon, but the stuff is so much fun a few roadbumps aren't that big a deal.

  2. Works perfect for me on my iPhone 4. Hoping for some filter action in a future update, as it stands now I find the sounds a little bright. Gonna be great if/when that happens though!

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