1st Video Consumer Edition update

1st Video gets a fairly big update. Here’s what’s new:

  • Fixed cause of crash after iOS 4 upgrade
  • WiFi Sharing now include ability to upload compatible Audio, Pictures and Movie files into the App library for use in the Editor
  • Audio Recorder now supports Markers to help find key segments faster in the Editor
  • Monitor audio recordings live with your headphones
  • Sequencer function added to editor to allow faster re-ordering and re-arranging of audio clips and video segments
  • Added Background Task Manager to monitor and manage priority of background processing tasks
  • Faster processing of imported or recorded videos to make them ready for the Editor
  • Disabled Sleep mode while making Recordings or Rendering edited projects
  • Save Video in Large (640×480) or Medium (480×360) resolution
  • Send video files to YouTube
  • Compress and email audio in Mpeg-4 (M4A/AAC) format
  • Email 30 sec clips from your audio files as iPhone ringtones
  • Send audio files to SoundCloud

I wonder if apps like 1st video will last now that Apple have released their iMovie app for the iPhone 4?


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