Morphwiz now for iPhone / iPod Touch

Great news. Morphwiz has now added support for the iPhone and iPod Touch. I think that this is the first iPad app I’ve seen that adds support for the iPhone after launch.

Even so, a very nice addition to a fun app. The update brings some other new features too.



  1. Crash, crash, crash, CRASH!!!!!

    MORPHWIZ DOES NOT WORK on my iPhone 3G!!!!!!!

    After all the hype and everything else, I simply can't get MorphWiz to work on my iPhone. I get to the splash screen, then the damn thing crashes!!!

    £5.99 (!) for an app that doesn't work. I am really unhappy. 🙁

    PLEASE sort this out very soon!!!!

  2. This has just appeared on the iTunes site;

    “ATTENTION: We have had some reports of the app failing to start properly on the original iPhone and iPhone 3G running iOS4. We will provide more information about this problem as it becomes available.”

    Okay. But I haven't updated to v4 yet. I'm still on v3.1.3. So your app don't work here either. Jordan, It's nice to be able to afford the very latest and greatest, but not all of us have that luxury (I'm presuming that you have been testing this with the very latest devices?).

  3. 10$ is a little high, its not THAT much, but can't jump on it without doing some research first.

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