Mobile Multitasking Explained

This post at Wired GadgetLab explains how mobile OS’s manage multitasking in a very non-technical way. I found it useful.

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  1. Its a shame multitasking has to be enabled on each app by the developers. I have yet to see a single app on mine to support multitasking, and some of them have been updated since IOS4, but with no multitasking. I have 286 apps on my device, I think I'll see multitasking enabled on at most 1/4 of them by the end of the year, at most.

    I have yet to experience Apple's multitasking, In the meantime, I use Backgrounder, which works with EVERY applications out of the box. No need to wait for the devs to enable it (which will not happen on a lot of abandoned applications)… and there's no useless dock with 10 pages of 4 icons to browse through.

    Even Alt-Tab displays more than 4 icons, this is not “multitasking done right”, even OSX does it better 😛


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