MIDI Deck for iPad

A new MIDI controller for the iPad:

MIDI Deck is a touch screen MIDI controller for Serato Scratch Live 2.0. AKA Scratchup. This is just the beginning of a joint venture between Mix Tech Labs and the user of MIDI Deck. We have been working diligently with a select group of testers privately just to bring it to this level, and were just getting started.

In the near future we will have a setting for every Serato (SIXTY EIGHT, SL 57 ,SL3 exct.)
As of now the app is designed to work best with the SL1 box but can be used with all Serato equipment in a two deck capacity.



  1. We are currently working on the UI. There should be some major enhancements in the next month. As of now we just want to get people used to the overall view. More detailed/enlarged will be next on the updates, along with a PC MIDI Deck Server. We are also working on sending the data over usb to satisfy those who don't trust wi-fi.



    Mix Tech Labs

  2. This App Does Not Work Propperly

    Do not download this app, it's a waste of money.

    Commands selected on the iPad take multiple hits to register on Serato Scratch Live. A DJ can not afford to make mistakes because of cheap software controllers that don't work properly!

    There is no support except for the stupid videos on Youtube which take 5 minutes to explain something that can be said in 30 seconds.

    As stated, Useless App within a professional world. Do not waste your money on it!

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