Big Bleep!Box update

Not only does Bleep!Box get a fix for the iOS4 problems, but a host of other great stuff too. Here’s what’s new:

  • works under iOS 4.0
  • General Pasteboard Audio Copy (Beatmaker, MAPI 1.1)
  • Many UI Enhancements for the iPad
  • New background image
  • FileSharing (OS 3.2 and up)
  • SoundCloud submission
  • Tweet your beat
  • Fix for Loading Issues
  • Ability to Customize your backgrounds (via FileSharing)
  • Sound ‘dropout’ fixes
  • New Patterns and Presets
  • Ability to open patches via web link
  • Clear part, Clear Pattern options
  • Ability to save and delete multiple audio (.WAV) files
  • changed wav format to 16-bit for greater compatibility with other apps


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