Tiction for iPad

A new and interesting app for ‘evolving’ music. Here’s what to expect:

Tiction is an open landscape for creating rich, evolving music. Thousands of people have been using the Mac and PC versions of Tiction to create generative melodies and mesmerizing visuals. Now, Tiction AV takes the natural step onto the iPad.

How it works:

  • Create nodes by tapping on the screen.
  • Connect nodes together. Create long, complex sequences by chaining together many nodes.
  • When triggered, a node plays a note with pitch determined by its position on the screen.
  • Nodes can also send OpenSoundControl (OSC) messages when triggered.
  • Nodes perform physical actions (jiggle, attract others, repel others) when triggered.


  • High-quality sound sets
  • Smooth, life-like physics
  • Nodes can be assigned to one of four color-coded groups
  • Nodes can be locked in place or allowed to roam free
  • OpenSoundControl (OSC) support


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