Half way

This year seems to have flown by somehow. It doesn’t seem like it is July already. So much has happened, so many new things so far in 2010. We’ve had the iPad launch, iOS4, and the iPhone 4. Android tablets starting to appear in all shapes and sizes.

In software there’s been more new apps than I can easily keep track of, and more to come, lots more.

In the 2nd half of 2010 there’s loads to look forward to. Akai’s long awaited hardware controller for their SynthStation app and their API for developers. INTUA’s BeatMaker 2 in both iPhone and iPad flavours. The amazing NanoStudio is coming soon (more of that later), and many other new apps in the pipeline too.

So what do you hope for in the 2nd half of 2010?


  1. – Xewton iPad native version
    – Korg EMX-1
    – Korg DS-10 style full workstation
    – SynthiPad
    – some sort of first-part announcement (Logic iPad!!)

  2. Agree with you on the Xewton, I think it'll come into it's own with a full iPad version.

    Interested to know what you mean about a Korg DS-10 style workstation.

    More NanoStudio news later!

  3. Well, I think that the DS-10 is probably still the greatest mobile music app to date; they really just knocked one out of the park with the perfect combination of functionality, sound, and interface. The workflow is just so great that it practically makes songs for you. Korg has only really dipped their toe in serious iOS music apps with the iElectribe, which is just shows a phenomenal level of craft for what it is. Bringing DS-10 straight to iOS would be phenomenal on its own, but imagining what they could do with a combination of their existing code and the power of the iPad if they made a “workstation”-style app like the Akai Synthstation; mobile music perfection.

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