SynthStation25 at NAMM

Another demo for the SynthStation hardware we’ve been waiting for since January.

Currently Gear4Music has this with a delivery date of the 13th of July. I’m still not sure I buy that though. Anyone else have news on this?

Most interesting of course is the news from yesterday that Akai plans to make their API available. I’d like to know if any developers have contacted them as yet about that.

Video via Matrixsynth.


  1. Hello and thanks for this great website . I have no news about the Akai synthstation but i don't know if you see the “Ion Idiscover” keyboard, it seems to be the exact same product in white but unfortunatly no news about this one too .

  2. You are right, the Ion is the exact same design, and I suppose the exact same hardware. Perhaps Ion is either a division of Akai or else Ion developed the hardware, which Akai purchased and is now marketing. It was interesting that both were showing at separate booths at the Winter NAMM show.

  3. Just FYI, Akai and Alesis (maker of the original Ion synthesizer) are both owned by Numark and tend to sell similar (or the same) products with different branding/cosmetics. For example, Alesis sells a synth called the Micron while Akai sells the MiniAK. Cosmetically they are different, but the underlying electronics are identical.

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