CDM at Summer NAMM

Lots of nice toys in the post from CDM, but most interesting to me is the info on the Akai SynthStation25. According to CDM the hardware is now due to ship next month, for around $100 – $150, and Akai are going to make their API available to developers too!

I’m assuming that the hardware won’t interact with the iPhone 4 though for the same reason as other devices have had issues with the pinouts.


  1. Wow, that's a serious lead time! Still, good to hear some news about it, even if the app has turned out to be somewhat disappointing.

  2. To me the Synthstation always seemed like a pricey for such limited use.

    200$ for the ipod (at least)
    150$ for the Synthstation.

    In comparison, the Akai XR-20 is 300$, and I bought a Kaossilator Pro for 400$ last week.

    And know that we know it won't work with the iphone4 (and possibly every newer Apple idevices since they'll probably end up using the same connector), who would buy that?

    I would just love to see a universal adapter that lets you connect a controller with the iphone usb cable… but… universal, I don't even know if this word does exist in Apple's dictionnary.

  3. Well…Sweetwater still has it for $99, which they are calling a “sale price” from the actual list of $299. I'm hoping it actually ships in two weeks! I like the idea of having an actual keyboard interface for my music apps and hope that it actually is successful!

  4. still love the idea of this but it should REALLY have come out before iPhone4… how many people who would have bought one will not buy one now since its effectively using the 'old standard' of connector.
    Myself, i'd be using it in my ipod 3g 32gb so it'd be fine, but I dont like the idea of it being useless if I ever change to a newer iDevice.

  5. WEll, I wanted to get this. But as it wouldn't run good on my 1st Gen iPod Touch I have to update. And as a Filmmaker my Update will be the iPhone4. That means I'll drop my Order for this one, and get an APC20 instead. Nothing I could carry around to make musik on the go, but there my iPad with NanoStudio will come in handy.

    But it's a shame to make this thing not ueable for iPhone 4

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