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ZooZbeat still free for today only!

Zoozbeat’s app is still free up the 29th of June (today!).


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CDM at Summer NAMM

Lots of nice toys in the post from CDM, but most interesting to me is the info on the Akai SynthStation25. According to CDM the hardware is now due to ship next month, for around $100 – $150, and Akai are going to make their API available to developers too!

I’m assuming that the hardware won’t interact with the iPhone 4 though for the same reason as other devices have had issues with the pinouts.

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2nd Gen Mikey Availability

Mikey 2 availability and pricing here. Looks like it won’t work with the iPad or iPhone 4 for the same reasons as other devices won’t.
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SYNTHiPAD… a work in progress

Anyone know what this is? From Chris Carter.
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Going back to iPhone OS 3.1.3

I know that there are some iPhone 3G users who have upgraded to iOS4 and regretted it. If you want to go back to 3.1.3 then here are some instructions on how to do it.

I haven’t tried this out, so I can’t comment on whether or not it works. If you try it out then do so at your own peril!

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Aurora Sound Studio HD update

Aurora Sound Studio HD gets an update:

  • MIDI Export Facility
  • HQ Mode added to Program Settings.
  • Added an easy way to turn off / reduce visual effects.
  • Added an expression bar in Play Mode. This allows you to apply pitch bend, vibrato, volume and filter glides and modulation in real time whilst soloing over a sequence. You can even pitch shift drum notes, or even a whole drum layer!

I know that there was a lot of controversy over the pricing of the HD version of this app. I’m still working on a post that compares all of the versions that I have, including iPhone, iPad and Windows Mobile versions, and I hope to have this out in a few days.


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Jasuto 1.2.2 AU/VST compatibility poll

A poll on desktop Jasuto plugins. Get involved and vote here.

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New Home for ‘Falling for a Square’

Jason’s music made with nanoloop now has a new home and song preview here.

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EP made with DopplerPad

Sorry, just realised why DopplerPad is on sale. It is to celebrate the release of the ‘Outer Spaces’ EP which was made with DopplerPad. I’m going to download it next and see what it sounds like.


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nankontrol facelift

Meant to post this picture from Matrixsynth the other day. Just looks nice.