Beatmaker 2 Drum Instrument

BM2’s Drum Machine Instrument. Here’s what you need to know …

The iPhone and iPod Touch version will come up first, and a native iPad version should follow soon after. It will be released this summer.

More at the Intua Forum.


  1. looks nice, if its got a loop mode I might get it.

    I also hope there's some upgrade pricing going on too.

  2. Yeah I really hope the pads have a loop mode, and that the sample editor lets you set loop points.

  3. Hope they give it hardware midi clock support, then it will replace a standalone drum machine.

  4. They should release the iPad version first. Ain't nothing ever going to be able to sequence like an MPC. I'm not impressed with these iPhone/iPad sequencers anymore. They suck. An MPC500 with a iPhone/iPad on the side is the way to go.

    I'm done.

  5. I agree that this should've been an iPad app first and foremost. MPC-like apps need the screen real estate. Unfortunately, according to Intua, the iPhone version won't be out till “summer” and the iPad version will apparently be a separate app, which could mean it won't even show up till late summer or the fall.

    Honestly, the biggest hurdle for iOS sequencers is getting samples into the apps — it always ends up relying on some cumbersome method. God help you if you happen to run across a WAV online while surfing using your iOS device — there's no way to download and load the sample into an app. As always, it's back to the desktop or laptop to get something simple like that accomplished.

    It's sad that the iPhone iPad are so heavily chained to traditional computers.

  6. It's true, if you were truly creative then anything would suffice to make music. Stop making excuses! And just make music.

  7. MPCs were good in their day, but really no-where near as capable as a desktop software solution. I would never expect my iTouch to replace my desktop anyway, but i am really looking forward to both this and nanostudio. Freaking awesome sketchpad, i haven't stopped making beats on my iTouch and that's without these serious progressions. Agree that getting samples in there can be tiresome, but as long as you can copy folders it's not that hard. And don't forget the iPhone and Touch are portable! Just blows my mind. I can't wait!

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