KORG monotron ABC MOVIE – note E : Session – Monotron Will Rock You!

Via Matrixsynth.


  1. Yeah the more impressive demos of the Monotron so far have been when it has been used as a genuinely analogue filter for other sources.

    I still think it will have value as an old-school “effects module” on iDevice input.

    Not prepared to pay import price for it though!

  2. I've been harping on about this for ages. It's why IMHO, Gakken, SX-150 is a far better buy than the Monotron. First of all the Gakken is cheap, so it's no problem hacking it, and because of this, and most importantly, the Gakken mods can be quite unique, because you don't mind tearing apart a £25 'toy'. I also wouldn't be at all surprised if the Gakken was originally desiged by Korg anyway!

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