Huawei or Dell Streak?

I was looking at the new Huawei Android tablet yesterday and wondering how it compared against the Dell Streak. To be honest there’s not a lot in it in terms of the specs but the Huawei is £100 cheaper.
My main issue is that I don’t know whether Android tablets will run all the same stuff as an Android phone (except for phone type stuff).
If there are any Android gurus out there I’d appreciate your opinions on whether an Android tablet is going to be ok for audio and music apps out there and if there are any drawbacks to using a tablet v a phone?


  1. I don't know anything about the Huawei.

    Some Android devices that don't meet certain criteria such as with very high screen resolutions are not currently allowed to host the Android Market.

    The Dell Streak's 5″ screen is 800×480 and does run the Android Market, but it is initially limited to run Android OS 1.6. It is slated to get an update to Android OS “Froyo” 2.2 with Flash 10.1 “sometime later this year.”

    Based on my experience with the excellent HTC EVO with its 4.3″ screen I think the 5″ Streak will be a pretty good product.

    But I'd wait until the Froyo update comes out unless you have an immediate application for the device. Android 1.6 is not terrible, but Android 2.2 is much much better.

  2. Dell Streak has quite a bit on it in quite a few ways. Looks like the Huawei only has about 40% the battery life, probably doesn't have as good of hardware.

    Till more specs come out it would be hard to have a solid opinion but I'm going to be guessing that the only thing this will have over the streak is that kickstand.

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