Huawei or Dell Streak?

I was looking at the new Huawei Android tablet yesterday and wondering how it compared against the Dell Streak. To be honest there’s not a lot in it in terms of the specs but the Huawei is £100 cheaper.
My main issue is that I don’t know whether Android tablets will run all the same stuff as an Android phone (except for phone type stuff).
If there are any Android gurus out there I’d appreciate your opinions on whether an Android tablet is going to be ok for audio and music apps out there and if there are any drawbacks to using a tablet v a phone?

Distort+Delay for iPhone

A new effects app, but with recording features added to it. Here’s the app’s description:

Distort+Delay is a real-time audio processing application that adds high-quality distortion and delay effects to any incoming audio signal. Both acoustic and electric instruments produce excellent results. Performances can be recorded for later playback or sharing with friends.

Audio samples are available at:

Effect descriptions:

This app produces a wide range of effects, ranging from minor enhancement to wild modulations. The tube-style distortion effect allows for a variety of tones, from subtle warmth to heavy crunch.

An “8-bit” lo-fi crusher is also included. When active, the 8-bit lo-fi replaces the tube distortion and allows the control of both gain and phase. The result of this bit-crushing is similar to everyone’s favorite 80s-style video game console.

The delay effect works much the same as any guitar pedal: short delay-time produces a reverb-like sound; medium settings produce a slap-back echo; and larger delays create “spacey” sound textures. The included “hold” button allows for creative audio experimentation. Delay adjustments are smooth and can be heard as the familiar pitching effect usually associated with analog tape echoes.

Compression is included to help normalize microphone input. It can be toggled off for direct-input cable connections.

This application supports iPhone microphones, Apple-headphones microphones, dock-connector microphones, or guitar-to-iPhone cables.

Effects details:

  • Distortion effects: classic tube and 8-bit lo-fi with tone and gain controls.
  • Delay effects: 743ms maximum delay with variable feedback, and hold effect.
  • Compressor: automatically normalizes microphone volumes.

Additional features:

  • Capture your performances for future listening.
  • E-mail your creations to your friends.
  • Lossless AAC encoding is supported on iPhone 3GS+, iPod Touch 3rd Gen+, and iPad devices. Older devices will send WAV files.


Tenori-on acid jam

A nice bit of Tenori-On acid jamming via Matrixsynth.

Android or iOS – Developer views

This is a great piece from Mashable about developer’s views on both iOS and Android with some interesting views on which OS is a better long term bet.

I’d be very interested to know if these views are shared by audio app developers as well my guess is that the issues might be quite different.

iRig: Best in show at Summer NAMM

iRig has done well at Summer NAMM, winning best in show in the “Gotta Stock it” category.


Newton Launch Day

You thought yesterday was iPhone 4 launch day. In fact it was Newton Launch Day!

uLoops 2.0 Screen Shots

uLoops 2.0:

A Noise Machine HD

Noise Machine comes to the iPad. I’m not sure what the ‘HD’ version does over the iPhone version, but at least the controls will be more useable.


Sound Squares update

Nice update to Sound Squares. Here’s what’s new:

  • ADSR Volume Envelope
  • Filter Envelope
  • Adjustable Pitch Bend Sensitivity
  • Improved Knob Function
  • Increased Polyphony On iPad Version


KORG monotron ABC MOVIE – note E : Session – Monotron Will Rock You!

Via Matrixsynth.

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